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“To provide overall strategic policy leadership and direction for effective public service delivery for the prosperity of Kenyans”


To spearhead and coordinate mainstreaming of national values, national reconciliation and healing in the Kenyan society through strategies and programmes that promote national cohesion and national values


Organisation and coordination of Government business


  • Patriotism
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Fairness

The office of the Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service is responsible for managing operations, coordinating policies and supervising staff. On behalf of the President, the office handles communication with ministries, state departments and agencies regarding the daily operations of the government.

  1. Administrative Head of the Executive Office of the President;
  2. As Co-Ordinator and convener of the Principal Secretaries Committees, support the Executive Office of the President in facilitating the organization and efficient execution of Government Business;
  3. Promote ethics, good governance, efficiency, and effectiveness in the provision of public services through the deployment of right skills, values, and leadership in the Kenyan Public Service;
  4. Transmit Executive Directives/Orders and Presidential Proclamations to Ministries, State Organs, State Departments, and State Agencies for their information, implementation or other action;
  5. Custodian of the Kenya Public Seal and other instruments of the State for national posterity; and
  6. Perform any other function ancillary to the above as may be assigned by the President.